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Swiss Made Grand Prix 1931-1954

Swiss Made Grand Prix 1931-1954
by Adriano Cimarosti.

The Grand Prix races, which took place on the Bremgarten track at Bern, are a fascinating chapter of the motorcycle and racing car sports history.
The motorcycles have raced on the Bremgarten track as early as 1931, followed in 1934 by the racing cars. The motorcycle fans as well as the racing car enthusist will appreciate the 2 volumes of that book.
The greatest champions have raced in Bern before and after the second world war so the 2 volumes (1931-1939 and 1947-1954) describe chronologically both races (motorcycles and racing Grand Prix Cars) with mainly unpublished pictures and present also all results tables.

Technical datas
Author: Adriano Cimarosti
Publishing date: June 2009
Editor: Geismann & Roos, Bern
Format: 23 x 30 cm, landscape format
Illustrations: full colors 389 pictures of cars and 289 pictures of motorcyles
Language: german / french / english
Number of pages: 2 volumes, 304 and 320 pages in a box
Binding: rigid and illustrated, sewed on linen
Price, postage and packaging included: 320 Swiss francs (Switzerland) / 295 euros (Europe)
Distribution: or
c/o Lionel Decrey
Chemin de la Paix 13
1802 Corseaux (Switzerland)



Lionel Decrey
Chemin de la Paix 13
1802 Corseaux Suisse


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