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Lionel Decrey
This reference book is limited to one make, one country, Switzerland and one period (1913-1960). Every competition, pilots and cars which were compe-ting are described with accuracy. Foreign competitions attended by Swiss Bugatti are also included.

The sporting activities of Bugatti in Switzerland in those times are largely unknown and often subject
to wrong legends. The sources of information come from federal and district archives as well as the Swiss newspapers and magazines of the period.

We describe 101 racing cars and about 1000 races results.

There will be about 700 pictures mostly unpubli-shed. An English translation is included in a separate booklet. The captions are kept in both languages, French and English. The quality of the pictures and the book are according to the high standards of Bugatti-book who received already twice the Price of «Acadé-mie Bellecour».
The final price around 200€ and edition will be decided in relation of the number of the subscribed books. You will receive a confirmation of the price and the bill in October 2024.

Subscription: 30th of September 2024
Delivery: beginning of December 2024

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Ettore Bugatti, L'artisan de Molsheim

Ettore Bugatti, L'artisan de Molsheim

New book : published in December 2008.
700 pages, 1000 documents.
Limited edition : 900 copies.
Not distributed in bookstores.
Genève, haut lieu du sport automobile de 1898 à 1950

Genève, haut lieu du sport automobile de 1898 à 1950

Geneva has been for a long period the Swiss automotive capital of industry and sport.
Swiss Made Grand Prix 1931-1954

Swiss Made Grand Prix 1931-1954

The Grand Prix races, which took place on the Bremgarten track at Bern, are a fascinating chapter of the motorcycle and racing car sports history.
Anthology of 57s in 720 pages (sold out)

Anthology of 57s in 720 pages (sold out)

Anthology of the 57s in 720 pages.
Richly illustrated with more than 1100 documents including 900 old photographs and letters, mostly unpublished to date. This book presents the Bugatti 57 Sport models from their creation to our days.



Lionel Decrey
Chemin de la Paix 13
1802 Corseaux Suisse


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